A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Install instructions

No installation required. Just pop it open and give it a go.


Azurea_Juncture_Demo-1.0-all.zip 92 MB


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When will the game be finished?

Hi! I just want to say that this game is awesome! I love the graphics and the sound!Unfortunately, it will be paid and I wont have a chance to play it, but i'm happy with the demo! Are you continuing this? And if yes, when will it be out? Love this ^^

Any plans on continuing this? I found it really interesting.

It's roughly 90% done actually. I've got thirty to fifty more chibi sketches to draw, four ending illustrations to make, and a few more music tracks to compose until I can consider it finished. The drawings and music should be finished by the end of this month, and the heavy editing/testing/re-drawing/coding should be done sometime in the middle of October, but I've been consistently missing my own deadlines recently, and I have a habit of adding more images where I didn't even plan to have any, so I really have no clue when it'll be done and ready to go.

If you're curious about the length, the demo is 1/5th of the entire VN.

Cool! Can't wait to play the full game. Any info on how much the game will cost?

Pardon the 56 day late reply, but it'll be up for 5 dollars.