Message Mode should be fully written by the end of this month or sometime next month. Kinetic Mode might be fully written sometime in October, and Branching Mode should be completely written before December. Editing and revisions will be done as I code, draw, and compose the music, meaning everything will be done practically simultaneously. I think I have it mostly figured out outside of a few loose strings in between chapters.

If I'm lucky, I can finish this VN before the year ends or early next year. Unless something terrible happens, it should be finished before April, or even as early as February. Before January is also a very real possibility if I manage to snowball my progress. The full demo might be released before or alongside the full release depending on whether or not I decide to work on the first 7 chapters of Branching Mode first. A good majority of the unique 1-click images are concentrated in the first 4 weeks, while everything after is pretty much just shifting portraits and a small handful of event images.

Anyways, here's one button that will be added sometime. I might make it shuffle the messages instead, jumping to a new message until all messages have been read, or have it jump to the messages of the current menu character. An arguably pointless feature to have, but some of the themes of this VN are pointlessness, misleading information, and confusion, giving such a button a reason to exist. The constant cross-referencing between the characters' thoughts and personal opinions  might cause this button to make the reading experience a little more pleasant.

That's all for now. I'll update when I have something worth updating about.

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